Stir the status quo!

A drop. A splash.
A slight current followed by another.

How can design - both big and small - ripple through and disrupt our lives for the better?

Ripples can appear insignificant, but they have the potential to create waves of change, shaping the world around us. A tiny pebble can create an impact that touches every corner of a pond. The most individual and personal ideas can have profound effects on ourselves, our communities, and even our planet.

How can design communicate and interact with the world around us?

Ripples are touch points of change. Ripples travel, reflect off, and wash over their surroundings. They collide against each other: mutating and creating patterns new and unexpected. Ripples remind us that we are all interconnected – our choices and actions can inspire those around us.

How can design reflect the fleeting passage of time?

The beauty of ripples lies in their ephemerality. By nature, ripples are meant to fade in and out of existence. The world is constantly changing. Some designs are meant to dissipate after use, and others remain just as fluid, dispersing through every fiber of our lives. Context and application metamorphosize rapidly, but their importance and influence are timeless.

Ripples are transient. Interconnected. Evolving.
Ripples have the power to transform, leaving disruption in their wake.
What are the ripples in your practice, work, and life?

What tide do you turn?